Mr,Mention is the service going to make a living culture worldwide , starting living for one month in Jeju.

Mr,Mention has many various rooms.
You can easily compare prices, location, period and check for rooms more detail through photos and videos.


You can easily search the rooms to live
for each prices and each period.


You can make a fast and secure reservation
through automatic reservation system and consulting.

Living for one month

One week, Fifteen days, One month Living
You can stay when you want.

내게 꼭 맞는 방을 지금 찾아주세요!

언론 보도

Why the people trust Mr,Mention?

Living for one month is more expensive than travel.
Mr,Mention exists to get rid of your worry for living cost for one month and to do safety device role.
(Mr,Mention payment system pay the down payment first, and pay the rest after check-in.)


(fax) 051-903-5023